Do you have:

  • A dog (new puppy, rescue, selective hearing etc.) in need of recall training?
  • A sighthound?
  • A reactive dog
  • A dog recovering from injury?
  • An elderly dog?
  • More than one family dog to exercise off lead at once?
  • A debilitating illness/injury yourself which hinders your usual off lead walk

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then there’s no need for a lead and Dolly’s Dog Field is the ideal place for you and your four legged friend!

The well drained and flat field is approximately 220m square and securely fenced (Tornado deer fencing) to 6ft on all sides, including entrance gate. Ideal for every size dog. The fencing is also buried under to prevent escape artists digging out or rabbits digging in. The field is surrounded on three sides by high trees and bushes, for extra security, privacy and wind protection.  There is no livestock nearby, nor other dog walkers. We’re in a quiet peaceful area, close to Stansted/Saffron Walden and there is minimal road or other noise.  There is a small sheltered seating area provided for your comfort, a paddling pool in the warmer months and fresh running water always available.  We have a large gravelled parking area only feet from the secure field (please note the carpark area is private but not secure).

The field is for EXCLUSIVE HIRE but we now also offer weekly friendly dog play dates. Please see “latest news” for more details.


Available for professional use (training, agility, dog walkers etc.) and doggy birthday parties upon enquiry.