My name is Debbie, mum to one teenage human baby (17) and to one gorgeous and very spoilt little fur baby, Dolly (9). I’m the first to admit (entirely through fault of my own) that Dolly’s recall skills aren’t, for a want of a better word, good!

We live in a lovely semi-rural location, with an abundance of dog walking areas, but this is wasted on me as I don’t have the confidence to let my pooch off lead. I’m also not keen on being a single female walker in the middle of nowhere with only a cockapoo for protection (especially in the darker winter months).

Recently, as Dolly is getting considerably bored with the mundane on lead village walks and I’m getting considerably bored with housework, ebay and candy crush in between school runs, I got thinking as to what I could do to eradicate both problems. Staring out of my living room window one day – the answer was staring straight back at me! Dolly’s Dog Field Ltd was born and I am so excited about the future.

I’m not doing it to make my fortune, but to make me (and hopefully many other local doggy people) happy. I’m new to the world of dogs and look forward to receiving valuable ideas and feedback from customers. I’m hoping that together we can build the field to suit your need.

Update – nearly 4 years on, I am still loving the field and how happy it makes all of our visitors (pooches and people alike). Seeing a smile on dogs’ faces and how much fun they have, is simply priceless.

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