1. I will try my hardest to provide a service for all to use and enjoy, however, mistakes may occasionally occur. Please give me the opportunity to sort any problems out before posting negative comments on social media.

2. Dolly’s Dog Field Ltd (DDF) has final say on types of activity the field can be used for.

3. The booking is for the client only and cannot be sub-let without prior agreement from DDF.

4. Please park on gravel area only near the field/barn and refrain from letting your dog run free in the parking area/by the house (the carpark area is not secure).

5. All poo MUST be picked up. Failure to do so will result in refusal to use the field again.

6. Please take litter home with you and keep the field and shelter as you would wish to find them. Poo bin is for poo only. Food and drink are permitted but please ensure nothing is left on your departure as this could cause illness/injury to other dogs.

7. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises. Failure to comply will result in field refusal.

8. Fresh water and bowls are available at all times (even a paddling pool in the warmer months) but please remember to turn off the hose if used (remember to turn off the hose after use).

9. Do not climb on the fence or gate.

10. Do not let your dog dig on the premises. Please inform me if this happens.

11. Feel free to use our notice board in the shelter. DDF has discretion over notices posted.

12. Pet and human first aid kits are kept within the shelter. Please inform me if you use anything from these. I am also Pro-Training Pet First Aid certified and will assist as and when necessary (if I am on site).

13. The fence is 6ft high but will not suit dogs who can jump higher than this. I will not accept liability if this happens.

14. Whilst the field is fairly flat, it might be a little uneven in areas and customers should take care underfoot. The field is used at your own risk. Please wear appropriate footwear for weather conditions.

15. The fence and grounds are checked every day. Please let me know if you find any problems.

16. You are welcome to bring your own toys/agility items but please ensure that these are packed away before your appointment is over.

17. Please be mindful of noise nuisance.

18. Do not leave your dog unattended. If you need to see me at the house, please put your dog in the car and drive down to the house area (to avoid cross over with the next customer). Or phone me and I will come out.

19. There is a 10 minute gap between customers. Please exit the gravel carpark as soon as possible after your visit. Please try not to arrive too early for your appointment either. Please park well away from other cars stay in yours until the previous customer leaves.

20. If the previous customer goes over their allotted time, please inform me.

21. The gate code will be sent to you prior to your appointment. Please keep this with you for departure as the gate will not open automatically. Do not give the code to anyone else. The code will be changed frequently. Please use the entry gate closest to the field and not the house gate (separately signed).

22. DDF has the right to cancel any booking at any time (ie unsafe weather conditions, home emergency). Payment refunds will be issued immediately but costs incurred (ie travel expense) will not be reimbursed.

23. DDF has the right to refuse entry or evict customers from the premises if activities are deemed to be unreasonable.

24. Any late arrivals must still adhere to their allotted departure time.

25. Please take extra care when exiting the gates and abide by the speed limit through the village.

26. Payments must be made in advance via our online booking system. However, I appreciate not everyone has online access so we can take phone/facebook enquiry bookings and cash payment if necessary (repeat customers only - new customers must pay online prior to first appt please). Please bring appropriate change as limited cash is kept on site.

27. Appointments can be cancelled/re-scheduled up to 24 hours in advance. Less than 24 hour notice will still be charged but refunded if the slot is later filled.

28. If you leave the field before your allotted time is over, you will still be charged for the full time.

29. You will still be charged in full if you do not turn up for your slot. If you pay by cash,you will be charged for missed appointments on your next visit or billed via post.

30. Children are welcome but please ensure they stay with you in the field and are well behaved at all times.  Please ensure they do not play in the ball pit, paddling pool or on the agility equipment. These are for dog use only.  Please be aware, whilst every effort is taken to ensure there is no dog poo on the field, it could sometimes be missed. Please ensure children are in the car before the arrival of the next customer.

31. Use of agility equipment is entirely at your own risk. Please place back neatly inside the penned area after use. The use of the paddling pool and ballpit is also entirely at your own risk. There are covers provided in the shed if you wish for your dog not to use these facilities.

32. No more than 10 dogs at once (unless previously agreed with DDF ie training class).

33. If your dog is or has been ill (sickness, diarrhoea etc) within the past 48 hours – please reschedule your appointment. Do not attend your appointment if your dog has (or you suspect your dog has) kennel cough.

34. Please let me know if your dog is poorly whilst using the field or shows signs once you return home.

35. Only meet with others in the field if you know your dog is friendly. It is your responsibility to keep your eye on your dog's behaviour at all times.

36. Professional hirers (dog walkers, trainers etc) must use their own insurance when using the field.

37. Disclaimer - keeping with the law regarding responsible dog ownership, you are completely responsible for you and your dog's safety and welfare whilst at DDF and surrounding private property. You should be in control of your dog at all times. DDF therefore will accept no liability for loss, damage, injury or death.


Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) DDF control and / or process any personal information about you electronically using the

following lawful basis.

Lawful basis: Consent

The reason DDF use this - we require your consent, which you grant by providing the information, to collect and use your personal contact information.

We process your information in order to assign your booking(s) to you and to contact you about current or future bookings.

Data retention period – DDF will continue to process your information under this basis until you withdraw consent or it is determined your consent no longer exists.

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