Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided a list of Frequently asked questions to assist you before making any bookings. If there is something we've not covered, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist further.

There is a small shelter in the field if you get caught out and it pours down or (we live in hope) it gets too hot. A gazebo covered doggy paddling pool will be provided in the warmer months. Please make sure this is kept how you would wish to find it.

Customers are advised to check weather forecast in advance of appointment.

Yes. You can re-schedule your online appointment up to 24 hours in advance. Anything after this will still be charged for (refunded if slot is filled). Please contact me directly if less notice than this cannot be given.

No, you have exclusive use of the field. There is a 10 minute turn around slot to ensure dogs do not meet. There are no livestock or walkers around. The field is on my private property. Dolly will be at home most of the time but the blinds will be down.

Please see About Us


Please note that time slots will seasonally change.

Please note that, owing to frequent first time customer no shows, new customers are required to pay for their first appointment before arrival please.