Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided a list of Frequently asked questions to assist you before making any bookings. If there is something we've not covered, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist further.

Yes – animal and human. I am Pro-Training Pet First Aid certified and will help if called upon. Please let me know if any of the kits are used so I can replenish stock.

Not at present. Consideration is being given as to whether it will be manageable to provide this facility.  However, in a dire emergency you can drive down to the house if I’m at home.

Yes – always. Drinking bowls are provided and can be refilled using the hose. There is also a watering can provided, near the hose, to wash away any messy dog mess please.

The hose can be used to top up the paddling pool.  Please refrain from letting your dogs enter the pool if they are muddy.

Please ensure the hose is turned off after use.

Not unless they are decompostable please. We compost our dog waste and decompostable bags are provided near the poo bin. The poo bin is positioned near the gate before exiting the field – please ensure the bags are placed in the bin before your departure.

Please drive down to the house (with your dog in the car – to avoid your car being in the carpark at changeover if at the end of your session).

If I’m not home please call 07974 530515.


Yes, you can share the field for a 70 minute or more slot but friends sharing just half an hour will still both be required to pay the full price (up to three friends sharing).

Yes, of course, but if you do please make sure they are well behaved and kept muzzled and on a lead at all times. 😉
For health and safety reasons please ensure they do not play in the ball pit, paddling pool or climb on the fence/gate.  In respect of the neighbours, please keep noise to a minimum.
Thank you.

No more than two adults at one time please unless for group training/parties etc or contacting me in advance

Please contact me directly if you wish to bring more than 6 dogs or are a professional walker/trainer.

Because the health and welfare of dogs using our field is our priority and this helps lower the risk of transferable disease spreading.  I will check every dog’s vaccination records on induction/first visit and as and when necessary thereafter.  Titre test accepted.