Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided a list of Frequently asked questions to assist you before making any bookings. If there is something we've not covered, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist further.

Bookings can be made via the booking page 

NEW CUSTOMERS ARE ASKED TO PAY ONLINE AT THE TIME OF BOOKING PLEASE. Thereafter, the cash on arrival facility will be available. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to pay online. Just follow the process through and pay by card.

Select the slot you require. 1 slot available indicates this half an hour is free for your exclusive hire with however many dogs you have.
If you require the following half an hour slot, I am afraid you have to then follow the process through again (no need to fill in the same registration questions, just put dots and dashes – I apologise for the design fault in my booking system).

Please follow the booking process through. Remember to check your spam folder for confirmation, gate code and dog registration process (if you have not filled that part in already).

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Yes – dog walkers and trainers are more than welcome.  However, as all differ on numbers of dogs and/or humans joining them, I ask you to contact me direct for price tariff and subsequent bookings please.

Most of the time but not always.

I will endeavour to meet and greet all new customers but, if this is not possible, please follow the following instructions :-

Please use the gate with the BLUE SIGN and enter the security code (provided before your appointment).  Do not use the house gate as this has a separate code and you will not get in.

Park up to your left on the gravel.  If there is another customer still in the field (there shouldn’t be but..) please stay in your car until they leave.

Put your dog on lead and enter the gated field.

Shut the gate behind you and let them run free.

Put them back on lead before leaving the field.

To open the gate, put your hand through the fence to the right and push the handle up and away from you.  Shut the gate on exiting.

You will need the same security gate code to get back out as it does not open automatically.


Bookings are for 30 minute slots. Should you wish to book consecutive appointment slots, please add separately to your cart (our booking system struggles to cope with offering half hour and an hour slots ?).  An hour slot gives you an extra 10 minutes free as it incorporates the middle changeover time. You can book as many consecutive appointments to suit your needs but you must leave at your allotted time.

Please cancel and re-schedule your appointment for 48 hours after the dog’s poo has returned to a solid state or vomiting has stopped. If you cannot reschedule your appointment within 24 hours notice, please contact me direct.

Yes – once you’ve entered the security gate, there is a large private gravelled carpark next to the field.  Please note the carpark is not secure and, therefore, please do not let your dog off lead until in the field.  Please put your dog back on lead when leaving the field and do not let them roam unleashed around the surrounding grounds.  Thank you.

Yes – please look at our contact page for directions.

It is advised that customers (even locals) drive to the field as we are on a country lane with no pavements provided.

The gate code will be provided prior to your appointment.  Please use the gate signed Dolly’s Dog Field (not the house gate as this is on a separate system).  Make sure you keep the code with you as it will be required on leaving the property also.

Please take extra care when entering/exiting the property and ensure you abide by the speed regulations when driving through our village.

Yes!!!! We actively encourage people to share pictures with us. Please go to our Facebook page @dollysdogfield or email dollysdogfield@gmail.com

I’ll endeavour to get the pictures uploaded as soon as possible – please check back regularly for updates.



Of course, but you must ensure that they are cleared up and taken away with you on departure (before the next customer arrival).

We do not provide agility equipment at Dolly’s Dog Field but you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Consideration will be given in the future to providing agility trainer/training.  Check back for updates.

We will provide a lost property box for left items.

Definitely. We cater for all legal breeds, shapes and sizes. The fence ensures little dogs can’t squeeze through (unless they are really really diddy) and big dogs can’t jump over (unless they can clear 6ft). It is plenty large enough for the biggest dog to have a good run around and the littlest dog not to get lost in.

If you have any concerns regarding the suitability of the field for your dog, please contact us Contact to discuss before your first visit.